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Transform story into
a great tool for working
with corporate culture🔥
Learn how to use stories to transmit values, hire “your” people, create a common vision, preserve culture during a merger and much more!
May 18-20
free online-conference
Storify Your Culture
20+ experts on storytelling and organizational development
Karen Dietz Карен Дитц
Karen Dietz
Anjali Sharma
Miсhael McRay
Graham Williams
20+ experts
20 experts on storytelling in organizations
Stories help us understand the culture
of an organization and change it

When we lived in tribes the culture was born around the campfire. Our ancestors listened to the stories of the elders of the tribe, and from these stories everyone understood how to act, what is "Good" and "Bad" in their tribe. Nowadays modern Aboriginal tribesmen still take 80% of time around the campfire to listen to stories, because for them it is a valuable source of knowledge about the tribe and the world around them.

Since then, we have gone far ahead: we’ve learned how to measure culture using questionnaires, influence values through the introduction of new management practices, determine the level of culture with spiral dynamics and so on.

But the stories have never lost their power. After all, every time the leader starts telling about the moment when he was sincerely proud of something your colleague did, we put aside our spears, sit down by the fire and start listening. Because this story helps us find the answer to the most important question: "Why is it worth to behave like this in our tribe?”

But here’s the thing. We’ve learned to implement culture management practices purposefully and consciously, but we rarely approach stories in that manner. What would we be able to create if we chose to listen to the stories we tell and work with them purposefully?

We invited experts who have been helping organizations
work with stories for more than 15 years
At “Storify Your Culture” conference real practitioners
will share how to use the power of stories to:
Transmit values in such a way that teammates have a clear understanding what "Good" and "Bad" means in your company
Turn the vision and strategy into a sincere story that invites engagement, not bewilderment
Adapt new employees to the culture and engage them from the beginning
Create the basis of any innovation – an atmosphere of psychological security
Define and articulate an engaging purpose and mission statement that won’t feel flat and forced
Nurture the culture of continuous learning and development
Help team leaders notice and grow the culture of their teams
Achieve sustainable results by working with the company's culture
Anjali Sharma Анджали Шарма
Anjali Sharma
Title: «How stories catalysed a change in one of the most traditional corporate cultures in the world»
Bruce Pereira Брюс Перейра
Bruce Pereira
Title: «Leading adaptive change: the role of curiosity, narrative awareness, and bravery in organizations»
Connie Kwan Конни Кван
Сonnie Kwan
Title: «How to engage senior leaders to become cultural storytellers»
Geoff Mead Джефф Мид
Geoff Mead
Title: «The stories we live by»
Graham Williams Грэм Уилльямс
Graham Williams
Title: «Storify your culture using story circles»
Ирина Дурманова
Irina Durmanova
Title: «Fairy tale as a magical tool of transformation and work with the culture of the organization»
Karen Dietz Карен Дитц
Karen Dietz
Title: «Vision Storytelling – what it is and how to do it»
Kat Koppett Кэт Коппетт
Kat Koppett
Title: «Expansive power of story: beyond anecdotes»
Kathy Klotz-Guest Кэти Клотц-Гест
Kathy Klotz-Guest
Title: «Curing soul-sucking seriousness by changing the story
of humor at work»
Mary Alice Arthur Мэри Элис Артур
Mary Alice Arthur
Title: «Creating a successful merger: How story changes everything»
Michael McRay Майкл МакРей
Michael McRay
Title: «Better Stories, Better Futures»
Michael Harvey (mini)
Michael Harvey
Titile: «Storytelling – a radical meeting place for truth-telling and getting things done»
Paul Smith Пол Смит
Paul Smith
Title: «Using stories to create the culture you want»
Samantha Slade Саманта Слэйд
Samantha Slade
Title: «Listen For.. Change your bias, change the future»
Сергей Гевлич
Sergey Gevlich
Titile: «How to make value statements meaningful for employees»
Soundari Mukherjea Саундари Мукерджа
Soundari Mukherjea
Title: «The critical role of Culture Building - whose job is it?»
Steven James mini
Steven James
Titile: «The Art of the Tale: Convey Your Values Through the Power of Story»
Terrence Gargiulo
Terrence Gargiulo
Title: «Story Volts: The Electromagnetic Dynamics of Storied Cultures»
Tom Morrisey
Tom Morrisey
Titile: «The Art of the Tale: Convey Your Values Through the Power of Story»
Udi Nachshon Уди Наксон
Udi Nachshon
Title: «How to build a new culture of trust»
Владимир Данкин
Vladimir Dankin
Title: «StoryGathering as a way to analyze corporate culture»
Yannis Angelis
Titile: «Changing and/or acknowledging organizational culture through metaphors»
This conference will be useful for you if you are:
Founder or CEO
Founder or CEO
You will see that by discovering stories and storytelling as tools to work with culture it is possible to accelerate development of your business and achieve strategic goals. We gathered he most practical cases that are focused on crucial leadership moments like engaging the team with new strategy or vision by turning it into a compelling and relatable story, working with stories during organizational changes, including mergers, and much more!
Team leader
Team leader
Each team has its own microclimate, and at this conference several speeches will be devoted to the development and maintenance of culture inside the team. We will share how you can shape culture on the ground floor, which leadership stories influence the actions of team members and many more insights on how to grow a functional culture in a team!
This conference is packed with specific practices that will help you research he culture and work with it in teams (for example, we will share the methodology of Story Circles and the principles of Participatory Narrative Inquiry). But since change starts from he head, we also gathered valuable insights that will help you engage opinion leaders and top managers in working with culture, revitalize corporate communications and much more!
Organizational consultant
Organizational consultant
If you work with corporate culture and help organizations, then at this conference you will be able to add another approach to your toolbox. We have gathered real experts with at least 15 years of experience each, and every single one will share cases, methodologies and practices. We will be glad if you continue to develop organizations using the knowledge gained at the conference!
A person who wants to influence the culture of his company, but does not know where to start
A person who wants to influence the culture of his company, but does not know where to start
Many believe that a story affects culture only if it is told by a leader. But we have repeatedly observed how stories from employees not only reflected the existing culture of the company, but also laid the foundations for a new culture. Yes, one story will never change the culture of an entire company. But the tools and techniques from this conference will help you tell stories more consciously and consistently to influence the culture of your organization, regardless of your position and status.

The conference is over,
but the recordings
are here to stay!

You can watch the recordings for free on our YouTube channel,

the link is below!

Also, feel free to join the Telegram chat of the conference to get

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions
Why is participation free? What's the catch?
Why is participation free? What's the catch?
No catch, it is a conscious choice of our team and every speaker. At the Historia Academy we sincerely believe that story is an element that brings humanity back to business. It truly inspires us when we see that by working with stories leaders and HR help their organizations come alive. For us, this conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience as a gift with those who are ready to use stories for good. There will be no sales at the conference, only content, cases and practices in their purest form.
I’ll miss some of the talks because of the time zone, are you sharing the recordings?
I’ll miss some of the talks because of the time zone, are you sharing the recordings?
We definitely are. Join the talks you can watch live, and two-three weeks after the conference you will receive unlimited access to all recordings!
How do I connect to the conference?
How do I connect to the conference?
We will send you a link to the conference a couple of weeks before it starts, and then again right before the conference. Our event will be held on the platform called Webinar.ru , you can connect to it from your computer or download the application to your phone – we will definitely tell you more about this in the invitation letter.
I have other questions!
I have other questions!
Feel free to connect with us at welcome@historia.academy, we will be happy to help!